'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff Reveals If She Would Marry Again

Little People, Big World fans could see Amy Roloff walk down the aisle in the future with boyfriend Chris Marek, she revealed in a new interview with Us Weekly.

When asked about the future of her relationship with Marek, the TLC personality, 54, responded, "I would definitely love to get married one day. But it's not something that I'm intentionally pursuing."

Adding that she takes "marriage very seriously," Roloff added she wouldn't accept a proposal from her beau without taking the commitment into consideration.

"If I say yes, then that means my whole heart, everything is into it," she explained. "I do think [marriage] is forever."

Roloff and Marek first started dating in 2016 after her divorce from ex Matt Roloff was finalized, but the reality star explained they manage to keep things fresh between them through understanding and communication.

"Relationships go through seasons. You are not the same person when you are 20 years old and when you become empty nesters, or going through kids and all that," she said. "Both of you are going through that stuff, so keeping the communication and sharing with each other, I think, is very important."

Throughout their relationship, Roloff has been open about her experience returning to the dating pool in her 50s, as well as introducing a new boyfriend to the grown children she shares with Matt — twins Jeremy and Zach Roloff, 28, son Jacob Roloff, 22, and daughter Molly Roloff, 25.

"I never thought I'd be dating as a grandma," she said in a 2018 episode of the TLC show, adding that while she'd love a"lifetime" relationship, she wasn't looking to make things so permanent with Marek yet. "I think what I like about Chris is he likes doing new things and he's adventurous. I don't really remember doing a lot of that with Matt."

In the same season, Zach added of his mom's new partner, "Chris seems like a good guy. He seems pretty straight, level-headed, not fake. That's why I like him, because he doesn't try to be my best friend. He's not overly aggressive. He's cordial, and he's just a normal dude."

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Photo credit: Instagram/Amy Roloff