'Little People, Big World' Alum Jeremy Roloff Discourages Parents From Taking Too Many Photos of Their Kids

Jeremy Roloff is not the biggest fan of taking photos of his children to post on social media. The [...]

Jeremy Roloff is not the biggest fan of taking photos of his children to post on social media. The former cast member of Little People, Big World shared a few photos of his daughter Ember on Instagram alongside a lengthy caption about how he thinks parents should worry more about spending time with their children and less trying to capture every moment on camera.

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"Well, we are all sick now, which is a bummer, but I was able to steal a few hours of fresh air with Ember anyhow," Roloff wrote. "Concerning the photos of our kids on the internet... I think there is a line of reason. As long as the parents are smart and respectful, it shouldn't be a problem, but there is definitely a line here. I think a bigger problem than posting photos, is the act of taking them. We all want photos of our kids, but if all they ever see in every single special moment is the backside of our phones, that will be just as (if not more) damaging than some innocent photo 15 years down the road.

"As far as weirdos go, sure, I get it, there are weirdos out there - so be smart and aware as mentioned before. At the end of the day, to each there own concerning this topic for me. However, one thing is for sure, concerning what the long term affects of social media will be, it will be just as damaging as it is useful unless we manage the addiction. And social media is very, very useful. How are you going to parent your phone in 2020?"

Fan fired off a variety of responses, with some point out the the positives and they negatives of Roloff's argument.

"It can be very useful. Because your wife unselfishly posted the ER pic with Ember, I researched RSV and lo and behold my infant granddaughter, who had been seeming ill, was taken to the doctor and diagnosed with this," one fan wrote. "She is doing well because action was taken."

"What's the difference between the back of a phone today versus the back of a Kodak camera back in the day? Nothing," another follower wrote. "We adjust to the time. Kids today don't know the difference."

"I post limited photos of my 5 yr old. All appropriate- no bath photos or different states of undress," another Instagram user wrote. "I am more concerned how he will feel when he gets older than the rest of the 'Gram!"