Lindsie Chrisley Responds With Receipts to Parents Todd and Julie’s Claims After ‘Dr. Phil’ Interview

Lindsie Chrisley fired back at her parents on Instagram this weekend with text screenshots of her own. The Chrisley family drama is at an all-time high, following Todd and Julie's lawsuit filing last week and Chrisley's subsequent appearance on Dr. Phil. However, now she is letting her parents' words speak for themselves.

Chrisley was implicated in a new lawsuit her parents filed against the Georgia Department of Revenue. Todd claims that the director of the department's Office of Special Investigations manipulated Chrisley into backing up his case against the real estate mogul. As proof, he provided screenshots of texts, supposedly between Lindsie and the director, Joshua Waites.

On Friday, Chrisley responded in an interview on Dr. Phil. She told the host that she has no relationship with Waites, and that her father has repeatedly tried to blackmail and coerce her into supporting his version of events. After Todd and Julie's lawyer issued a denial, Chrisley came prepared on Saturday, when she posted screenshots of her own to Instagram and Twitter.

"If what I said was untrue, contact my attorney and stop trying to do damage control," she wrote alongside four screenshots of texts with her brother, Kyle Chrisley. In them, Kyle discussed a mysterious trip to Atlanta, which he took specifically to talk to Lindsie about something he "can't talk about in text... or on the phone."

"Ok just tell me will you do this for me tho (sic) or no so I will know if it's going to be a wasted trip," he added, apparently after they had talked. "Don't say anything else about it."

Whatever the request was, Lindsie seemed to turn it down, saying that she has "a son to raise and the way I've been treated and lied on (sic), I don't trust it to get involved."

"Lindsie I wouldn't get you involved in anything bad," her brother replied. "You are the only one able to make it right."

Chrisley posted more texts between herself and Kyle, and then some between herself and her father. With Todd, she was apparently discussing the sex tape between herself and The Bachelorette star Robby Hayes.

"If I'm lying about being underhandly (sic) threatened, then why?" she wrote. "If I lied about being accused of sleeping with (a) government official, then why?"

Finally, she posted another screenshot of her conversation with sister, Savannah, where they both joked at their father's expense. Beside it, she posted screenshots of Savannah's commentary on Instagram, where she told fans to be mindful of "the horrid things [Lindsie] has done to us all."


Todd and Julie Chrisley settled their case with the Georgia Department of Revenue, however, they still have their federal charges to contend with, as well as this new lawsuit. Check back to for updates!