Leah Remini to Expose More 'Cult-Like' Religions in New Series

A source told Us Weekly that actress Leah Remini will return to A&E to dissect other religions she feels are similarly insidious.

According to the source, her Emmy-winning series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath will have one of the episodes focus on Jehovah's Witnesses, while another will concentrate on Nxivm, a controversial self-empowerment group.

The actress has hinted she would be heading in another direction during a September interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I’m open to doing a season 3 in a different way," she said. We’ve been getting an overwhelming amount of emails and people contacting us through [social media] about other cults that are similar [to Scientology], so I’m looking into that.”

The Kevin Can Wait actress grew up a Scientologist, leaving the organization in 2013 after questioning leader David Miscavige and claiming the religion is abusive of its members physically, sexually and financially.

In 2015, she published a book about her experience, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, and has since crusaded against the organization in two seasons of her Emmy-winning series.

In this season of Scientology and the Aftermath, Remini reconnected with childhood friends she feels she "abandoned" because of the religion.

"I was guilty of disconnecting from my own friends because of Scientologist policy and it's not really something I've come to terms with," she said at the top of the episode. "I have a lot of emotions and guilt."

The Church of Scientology has denied all of Remini's claims in the past and continues to do so.


“Leah Remini continues to foment anti-religious bigotry and will do so as long as the media acts as her enablers in monetizing her bias and hatred,” Karin Pouw, the church’s spokeswoman, told Us Weekly.

Photo credit: Twitter/@AETV