Larry Caputo Says 'Long Island Medium' Put 'Strain' on His Marriage Prior to Split

Months after Theresa Caputo announced her separation from husband Larry, he is opening up about reality series Long Island Medium played a role in the end of their marriage.

The couple announced their split in December 2017 after almost 30 years, a decision that fans watched unfold during the latest season of the popular reality show.

Larry, who is now living on the opposite coast from his ex-wife, told Radar Online he blames the TLC series for the end of their relationship.

He revealed he had "no idea" what he was getting into when the show first started in 2011. He said it was "exciting and fun in the beginning but then after the longevity you become more exposed, now it affects your private life."

"When you're in the public eye, it does put a strain on your personal life," he said.

"That can be hard for the average person who is not a trained actor, because a trained actor knows what they're getting themselves into," Larry told the outlet. "A reality person doesn't realize what they're getting themselves into, until they're in it and it's a learning process."

Caputo said the show's arduous filming schedule left little time for the marriage.

"What Theresa does is very demanding, and it was consuming most of her time — which takes away from personal time," Larry added. "We've grown in different directions."

Not all is doom and gloom for Larry, however, as the outlet writes he has found a new love since moving to Los Angeles nine months ago.

The couple shocked fans in December when they announced, after some time separated, that they would be getting a divorce.

"After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate," they said in a joint statement at the time. "We will always love each other and our two wonderful children. We are united in supporting each other and our family. Please respect our privacy during this time."

After the initial wave of shock wore off, Theresa addressed her friends and fans on Twitter.

"I'm overwhelmed by the love and support for me and my family while we're going through this difficult time," she said at the time. "One thing will never change and that is that we will always love and support each other, and be the best parents we can be to our children. Love you guys."


Long Island Medium will likely return for a new season in 2019.