Lana Wins 'Total Divas' Farming Bet with Rusev

Total Divas cast members Lana and Rusev celebrated their one-year anniversary on this week's episode. And to celebrate, the two announced they were buying a home in Rusev's native country of Bulgaria.

But with Rusev growing up on a farm and Lana having a taste for luxury, the two couldn't agree whether to buy a farm house or a mansion. That's when they came up with a bet: If Lana could complete three tasks on a farm in Sofia, Bulgaria, they would buy a mansion. If she couldn't, then they'd buy a traditional home.

Lana's three tasks were to herd sheep, chop wood with an axe and milk a cow. She nailed all three, the last two of which while wearing a bathing suit.

Fans watching along at home happily cheered her on.

Despite winning, the two wrapped up the episode by agreeing to buy a more traditional style house in Bulgaria. But Lana was quick to point out they could always buy a mansion elsewhere.

Elsewhere on the show, Natalya dealt with becoming Smackdown Women's Champion, while Carmella struggled with moving into a new house and her boyfriend Big Cass was on crutches, depressed with a nine-month injury.