Kylie Jenner Goes Topless in Revealing Bedroom Photos Amid Travis Scott Breakup

It has been another eventful week for Kylie Jenner, with the Keeping Up with The Kardashians star closing out Friday by baring pretty much everything for fans on social media. The reality star took to social media to post a series of photos featuring her topless and only covered up by her bed sheets.

The four photos show Jenner resting her head on her hands, giving that typical Kardashian look at the camera. She also was sure to show off a yellow diamond ring on her middle finger according to PEOPLE.

This is actually familiar territory for the reality star and self-made billionaire. A bit of normalcy for her following a week of going viral for her singing voice during a tour of her Kylie Cosmetics headquarters.

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Jenner was shown singing "Rise and Shine" to her daughter and then immediately gaining attention across the internet. It even spawned a few video edits and remixes along the way. Ariana Grande even recorded her own version of the phrase before asking Jenner if she could sample it for a song.

“Yes, yes you can [Ariana Grande]. As long as I’m in music video,” Jenner responded to Grande before posting to her Instagram.

The tour video was also full of other oddities that people couldn't help but point their finger at in awe. This includes the vending machine that is filled to capacity with champagne. Jenner made it clear that she has never used the machine but has spied a few people stopping in to grab a little bit of the bubbly.

Jenner also kicked her business savvy into gear to take the phrase "rise and shine" and turn it into merchandise. She added a black hoodie and white hoodie with the phrase on the front to her online store for $65. They're being sold as a limited edition so that likely bumps the cost up a bit.

Daughter Stormi seemed to enjoy the remixes that the short little phrase inspired in another clip that Jenner posted near the end of the week. The reality star shared a clip of her daughter dancing to it before stopping to move on to a more favorable tune.

“Oh, you want daddy singing? I’m not good enough?” Jenner tells her daughter in the short video, referencing her joy of Scott's singing that we've seen other clips.


Jenner and Scott are co-parenting at the moment following their split. It isn't known if these new photos are a slice of Jenner on the prowl for new romance or if it is to entice her ex back into her life.

Either way, it did inspire a lot of attention from her fans and admirers.