Kylie Jenner Fans Ticked After Her Latest Leopard Catsuit Selfie

While Kylie Jenner is off traveling for the kick off of her cosmetics line, she is leaving behind some criticism online due to her style choices on social media. While none of this is new territory, especially when it comes to the Kardashian family's style choices and photos, it would seem that some think Kylie is trying to steal some fire from one of music's biggest names.

(Photo: Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

While her sister Kim Kardashian has been accused of stealing from the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kylie allegedly has some more modern inspiration in the form of Rihanna. Khloe Kardashian has been accused of copying Riri's style in the past according to Cosmopolitan, wearing a very similar crystal gown to the pop star.

Jenner is the latest to get some criticism, this time for copying Rihanna's catsuit photo from earlier in June. The Kylie Cosmetics mogul snapped a pair of selfies in a $695 leopard-print catsuit by LaQuan Smith according to Cosmo.

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It's a great selfie and high quality, but many fans quickly saw that Rihanna had worn the same outfit before Jenner.

Comments on the photo were not kind and didn't let up on the reality star.

"So basically she wants to emulate RiRi so badly it's beginning to get creepy," one commenter wrote.

"Rihanna miss trendsetter, why do people compete when they can't compare," another Rihanna fan wrote.

"Rihanna wears the outfit, the outfit just seems to wear everyone else," a final Rihanna fan said, raising the bar on praise in the process.

(Photo: Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

The criticism didn't end there. Page Six tweeted out a comparison between the two photos, with some critics taking it and running to show Jenner has done it numerous times in the past.

"Rihanna is Kylie's biggest inspiration to copy. Get it honey," one user tweeted.

"Kylie copies Rihanna *yet again* in a leopard catsuit," another amended the initial news.

"Kylie copies Rihanna don't you EVER forget that," a third fan shouted.

It can't be high on Kylie's mind at this point. The mogul has shared numerous pictures since the catsuit selfie, including a revealing bare look to announce her vacation and a very pink kickoff photoset with her daughter, Stormi.


She also recently made her magazine cover debut with Harper's Bazaar and was forced to clear up some rumors about a second pregnancy. The young billionaire is busy from all angles.