Kim Kardashian Angrily Threatens to Sue Leakers After Surrogate Report

Kim Kardashian threatened legal action against the people who leaked news that she and husband Kanye West were having another baby via a surrogate, as revealed in Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The news first leaked, Kardashian said in the E! show's new episode, when she attended her surrogate's doctor appointment at a different health care office than normal.

The new office, she told sister Khloé Kardashian, brought her in the front door to meet her surrogate in front of around 30 people, at least one of whom started taking pictures of her with the surrogate. Soon after, Kim said she started getting emails and phone calls from people asking if she was expecting another child.

"It was just such a s— show yesterday, and now it's everywhere," she told Khloé, before adding in a confessional, "I really help the speculation dies down and people don't dig more to try and get more info."

Later, while attending New York Fashion Week with mom Kris Jenner and Scott Disick, Kim sees that TMZ has posted a story confirming that she and West are expecting another baby, and describing her surrogate as an African-American woman in her late 20s who was a married college graduate in great physical condition with two young sons.

"I honestly am absolutely fuming that there's so many articles coming out about our surrogate," the then-mother of two said in a confessional. "I have signed up for this life, and I know how to handle it, but someone like her does not, and I would never want to put her in that situation. All I can do is just hope that these rumors just die down."

Later, on the phone with her attorney, Kim laments the press publishing information about her surrogate, which she says is "invasive and so frustrating."

"I mean it's like super annoying because it says confirmed everywhere, and that's just like what bothers me," she tells the lawyer. "They literally have information about the surrogate that I don't know, and that's what weirds me out."

"I would make it very clear that we will literally sue the s— out of them," she continued.

The lawyer agreed that he would draft legal notices for the leakers, which Kim hoped would stem the tide of info about the women carrying her baby.

"I hope that threatening to take legal action will stop these people from going to the press," she said.

Kim and West welcomed daughter Chicago "Chi" West on Jan. 15, and the identity of her surrogate has remained a secret from the public, so evidently the letters worked.


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Photo credit: E!