The Kardashians Confront Their Biggest Controversies in 'KUWTK'

Media training got raw on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians when the KarJenners were forced to address the things they never wanted to talk about publicly.

Kim Kardashian recommends a media training session to her family "to get prepared" for those interviews in which they're confronted with topics they don't want to address (possibly Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashians' rumored pregnancies?).

"It was so helpful and so beneficial, and I think you'll just learn things about yourself you can improve," Kim tells Khloé, Kourtney Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner.

Khloé and Kris aren't fans of the idea

"Do I have to not be Khloé?" the 33-year-old asks.

"I don't wanna be on the defensive about us or about [ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner] or about my kids or any other thing we do," she says. "I think I am enjoying private life to be private when we're off-camera and not doing our show."

When the KarJenners go in for media training with Clarity Media Group consultants, they're asked to think of the topics they absolutely don't want to talk about, and conduct a mock interview with those in mind.

After a few softball questions, the consultants ask Kris if she turned "a blind eye" to ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner's gender identity before she came out as transgender.

"I don't think I turned a blind eye, I just don't think I had the full truth of what was going on in his life," she says.

When it's Kendall's turn, the interviewers ask her about her Pepsi ad scandal.

"There were a lot of things that were blinding me," she says. When Kim jumps in to defend her sister during the re-watch, Kendall jumps down her throat a little.

"You guys have never dealt with something of this magnitude," she says, before getting annoyed by a text from sister Kylie and leaving the training in a hugg.

"I have learned so much over the last four years of my career," she confesses to the camera. "I have learned that the only person who's really gonna look out for me is me, and it's really hard work."

Next up, Khloé gets asked about brother Rob Kardashian, who has been behaving erratically since his public break-up with the mother of his daughter Dream, Blac Chyna.

"Rob definitely wears his heart on his when he hurts, he hurts really, really badly," she answers.

Those of the KarJenners who do complete media training say it was beneficial, especially Kris, who has been struggling with doing press since her divorce.

To practice her new interviewing skills, Kris gets interviewed by Kareem Abdul Jabbar for The Hollywood Reporter.

When the NBA legend asks if she's comfortable with the "sexual" nature of the photos her daughter post online, the momager freezes for a minute.

But she uses her new media training to answer the tough question.

"I am very comfortable at this point if they're comfortable," she says. "I'm always proud of everything that they do, and I think that they give other women confidence and the ability to be who they are."


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