Kris Jenner Reveals Which of Her Daughters Is Most Likely to Win 'Jeopardy!'

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner her daughter Kim would be the most likely of all her kids to win "Jeopardy" –– proving her expertise goes far and above her legal studies. The famous mom-ager talked about her kids' lives and the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians with Today's Hoda and Jenna. She also gave an update on Kim's well-being given her ongoing public divorce from artist Kanye West.

"Kim's doing great. Kim is really focusing on her legal studies. She's trying to pass the bar, so she does that every day and her kids are a handful. She's got four," she said, adding that she's been really busy juggling her regular mom and school duties. "You know, I have 10 grandchildren and they literally spend all their time together. It's really cute. They go to school together and they have all their little activities. So, it's a full-time job times 10. So, she's been really busy."

Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband of almost seven years in February while the artist was rumored to be staying in Wyoming. They recently decided to split custody of their four children. Caitlyn Jenner previously teased that fans will get a chance to see how the divorce plays out In the final season, which premiered on March 18. Jenner said it's a bittersweet feeling to be saying goodbye to the popular franchise after 20 seasons. "It feels good because we have done it for so long. We have grown. When I think about Kendall and Kylie being 9 and 10 [years old] when we started, that's so wild to me that they kind of grew up on the show. It's been one of my life's biggest blessings and something that I will always cherish for chapters in my life."

"It's such a great time, you would think I'm never going to see my kids again. I see them every day. This has been so much to us and been such a part of the fiber of who we are," she continued. "You know, we really have enjoyed doing this and we get to work with our family and be with each other every day. I actually got a call from Scott last night and he said, 'you know, I feel like when we're not filming, I don't have that same feeling. We need to go to dinner immediately.' I haven't seen him in like, three days."