Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Called out for 'Inappropriate' Halloween Party

No one does the holidays quite like the Kardashian family. Count on any special occasion, from Easter to Saint Patty's Day to Christmas – there's a party and decor for it all. Halloween is no different. And while most of the world would be thrilled to get an invitation to any Kardashian shindig, Kourtney is getting backlash for the spooky party she threw in honor of horror day. The 43-year-old and her new husband Travis decked out their $9 million Calabasas mansion with plastic dead bodies, goth candles, black crows, and pools of splattered blood ahead to celebrate. 

The decor is inspired by the new spooky film Halloween Ends, which she had projected on a large screen in her backyard while an actor costumed as iconic killer Michael Myers roamed her home. Social media users felt it wasn't appropriate and a bit too scary, especially considering the dozens of Kardashian kids running around.

Some even called out Kardashian for designing it after the film, which is distributed by NBCUniversal, a parent company of Hulu, the streaming giant that airs the new family reality series. One user commented that the family never ceases to take the chance to earn money from an ad. Others were simply overwhelmed by the gore.

Kim followed up with her home's Halloween design and shared it on social media. Hers was a bit tamer, and lavish. In an Instagram reel, the SKIMS founder shows off the decorations.

"I decided to do a skeleton theme," she said while showing off a large tree covered in specially-made bone and skull decorations at the end of a walkway leading to the front door of her home.  She also shows off "creepy people" who appear to be having a bonfire in the shadows. 

Her "favorite" decoration are white hand sculptures emerging from the ground to resemble the dead rising. "I had a molding party, and they were all molded," she explained, adding that the hands are molded after her loved ones. "These are my kids' hands. These are my nieces' and nephews' hands. You can see some of our friends' hands."