Kim Kardashian Shares Style Hack Driving Fans Crazy

Kim Kardashian shared the hair hack she used to change her hair color, and fans went crazy for it.

kim kardashian pink hair hack instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

"Hair Hack- I crushed up vitamin C and mixed it with shampoo to get the pink color out," Kardashian posted on Instagram Friday. She told fans to check out her app for the full details.

Kardashian's fans loved the tip, but some were disappointed to see the pink 'do go.

"The pink was so cute [though]," one person wrote.

"This method works on dark hair too, I did the same when my dark brown was too dark for me," another added.

"Love the pink hair on you, but you always look great," one superfan added.

"[Oh my God] we did the same thing Kim Kardashian did! I feel special hahha," another fan wrote.

Earlier this week, she published "My Hair Hack," in which the 37-year-old described how she lightened her hair and added pink highlights in just 20 minutes, reports Stylecaster. Kardashian said she mashed Vitamin C tablets like Bronson's Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid and put them in her shampoo. After leaving it in her hair for 20 minutes, she washed it out and discovered that it created a pink hue. Although she did not go as blonde as she hoped for, she still loved the pink results.

"I wanted to fade my hair from a bright pink to a baby pink. I bought acidic vitamin C tablets, crushed them up and then put the powder into my shampoo," Kardashian wrote. "I left the shampoo on my hair for 20 minutes and rinsed. I was hoping my hair would eventually turn back to blond, but it left my color a slight pink tone, which I ended up loving!"

We can only wonder if Kanye West did the same thing to turn his hair pink.

Kardashian's "Pink Period" only lasted a few weeks. She changed it before her trip to Japan with sisters Kourtney and Khloe, and changed her hair back to its classic brunette shade on March 9.

Kardashian was accused of wearing a wig, but she took to Snapchat to prove otherwise.

"If I see one more person say I'm wearing a wig and think that I'm lying... I just don't get it, like why would I lie about wearing a wig?" the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said while pulling on her hair. "This is my hair, there is no wig. I dyed my hair guys. How is it such a crazy thought? F— outta here with that wig s—."


Stylecaster notes that Vitamin C and ascorbic acid can dry out your hair, so the site suggests using a hydrating hair mask to restore the moisture.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian