Kim Kardashian’s Former Assistant Stephanie Shepherd Poses Topless in New Denim Campaign

Stephanie Shepherd may no longer be Kim Kardashian's assistant, but that doesn't mean she hasn't [...]

Stephanie Shepherd may no longer be Kim Kardashian's assistant, but that doesn't mean she hasn't taken a page out of her former employer's handbook when it comes to serving up looks.

The influencer recently partnered with J Brand jeans, showing off her modeling skills in a number of photos for the California-based company, including several that show her modeling the jeans while topless, long locks covering her breasts.

See all the photos here.

The former Keeping Up with the Kardashians regular told W Magazine ahead of the launch that the company initially reached out to her on social media due to her signature styling of black jeans and a chic top.

"We connected on Instagram," Shepherd told the publication. "I've always been a fan of J Brand and always worn them, so maybe I was on their radar that way. They reached out and started the conversation. They said, 'We think you'd be perfect to rework this little black jean.' And that's all I ever wear."

Shepherd certainly has been a fan of the brand since before her name was ever connected to the Kardashian empire.

stephanie shepard 2
(Photo: Instagram/Stephanie Shepherd)

"Coming from Ohio, I knew very little about fashion," she told the magazine. "I'm literally from the middle of nowhere. I remember seeing all of the celebrities. I think it was the low-rise phase when I first moved to L.A.; everyone in the weeklies was wearing J Brand. I had just moved to L.A. I was 19 and didn't have two pennies to rub together. I remember saving my money and thinking, I'm going to get a pair of J Brand jeans. I finally saved to buy this pair of dark blue denim, and I wore them until they almost had holes in them."

But she's far from penniless now, revealing to the magazine that she recently did a jean purge of around 50 pairs of denim.

stephanie shepard 3
(Photo: Instagram/J Brand)

In addition to her super-stylish collaboration, Shepherd is also working on a number of projects that still remain a secret.

"I've got a lot of things that I can't talk about that are in the works. I'm laying the foundation for my own brand, which is why I was so excited about this collaboration, because I feel like it is such a great fit. I'm really looking to work with brands that I love and are true to me, and that I'm not just picking out of the sky," she said.

Does this mean Shepherd will be debuting a full fashion line herself?

"You never know. I'm definitely not closed off to anything," she said. "I'm trying to see where all these things will take me. I love the process and all the little details. I would definitely love to have my own line of some sort. But we'll have to see."

We can't wait to see what Shepherd has in the works.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Stephanie Shepherd