Khloe Kardashian Reveals Major Change to Family's Christmas Plans

It is Christmastime in the Kardashian household, and the family is planning their annual holiday bash. However, there is a slight change of plans for this year's festivities.

Kris Jenner is usually in charge of the yuletide celebration, but she will apparently take her hands off the wheel for this year's edition. Her daughters will instead be in charge this time around, according to daughter Khloé Kardashian.

"I am so excited for this year's Christmas Eve party!" Kardashian wrote. "My sisters and I took over this year. My mom has been throwing this Christmas Eve party since before I have been born. It's time that she gets to show up as a guest and celebrates the Queen that she is!"

There will also be a change of venue. Kardashian's sister Kim will be lending her home, which she shares with husband Kanye West, as the event space for the evening.

"Kimberly and Kanye are nice enough to host our party of the year at their home!! Oh my goodness I cannot wait!" she wrote. "It's going to be crazy! Go big or go home right?"

She also hyped up the outfit that True, her daughter with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, will be wearing to the party.

"Baby True is going to be sooo stinking cute in her party dress!!! Ahhhhh," she wrote.

Before her spiel was over, she did change her tone momentarily. She referenced the rest trend of paparazzi agencies suing celebrities for posting photos featuring themselves that were taken by their photographers. Kardashian herself was sued in April 2017 for posting a photo of herself, but the lawsuit was dropped in February 2018.

She noted that she and her guests will be able to take photos and post them without the fear of getting sued.

"At least we will get a lot of pictures without any of us, including me, being afraid of getting sued by these ridiculous agencies," she wrote.


Kardashian did not reveal any more details about the Christmas Eve event, including which member of her famous family will be in attendance.