Khloe Kardashian Reunites With Pierre the Mime in 'KUWTK' Season Finale

During Sunday night's season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, new mom and Good American founder, Khloe Kardashian went back to work for her clothing company, but shared in confessionals how she was having separation anxiety from her infant, True.

"Good American is definitely one of my other babies, but it's crazy because all I can do is think about True and wanting to be with her," Kardashian admitted. "What am I missing?! And just…everything."

Even though True was spending time with her dad, Tristan Thompson ("thank you for being a good dad with her," Kardashian tells him over the phone), the 34-year-old reality star was having a difficult time being apart from her and revealed she was having a "ton of anxiety" away from her daughter.

Her mother, Kris Jenner, shared how she was worried about her daughter and how stressed she was feeling.

"I feel bad that Khloe is a little bit stressed out right now," Jenner explained in a confessional. "She's figuring out motherhood. It's hard leaving your first baby. So it's going to take a little creativity to take her mind off of what she's left behind at home and on her Good American launch."

Thankfully, Jenner came up with a great plan to keep her daughter distracted and sent a special visitor to her hotel room in Seattle. When Kardashian answers the door, she finds Pierre the Mime!

Fans of the series will remember that Karadshian pranked her mother last season by hiring Pierre to follow her around. Naturally, Kardashian lights up at the surprise. The two run around her hotel room and hug, in which she then tells the French mime, "I missed you!"

Kardahian calls her mother up saying she was happy about the "wild" and "unexpected" gift.

"The fact that instantly when I see Pierre I have like, this surge of energy…" she gushed. "I really, really love this stupid mime!"

The two end up going to the pier where they partake in games, carousels and eat cotton candy.

"Hanging out with Pierre is honestly just hysterical and I can't stop laughing. I'm having the best time. This is just the medicine I need," she said.

After spending a day with Pierre, Kardashian admits the mime helped to keep her attention off being "super anxious" when it came to leaving her daughter.

"I will say I am super thankful for my mom and Pierre," Karadshian said. "He kept me so distracted when I was super anxious about leaving True and I just got to laugh and have a really good time. It's just been a really great experience."


Photo credit: E! Entertainment