Kelly Dodd Claims a Lack of 'Intimacy' With Husband Before Divorce on 'RHOC' Finale

Kelly Dodd hit a breaking point with her husband Michael Dodd after 11 years on camera before she announced her divorce this September, fans learned during the season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County.

During the finale, Dodd confides in Housewife Vicki Gunvalson that she and her husband are no longer having sex.

"I obviously do not trust him," Dodd says. "I cannot live the rest of my life like this. Michael and I don't even have sex. We have not had intimacy. He does not look at me that way."

"I don't really know what the right answer is but I gave it my all and I tried," she continues in a confessional. "We built this life together and I'm sad to see it go. There's a lot of things I have learned over this past year and I think I can do things on my own. There's a will and there's a way."

Dodd also complains about her relationship to her mom Bobbi during the finale.

"One minute I'm good with Michael and then the next minute, I can't take it," Dodd says. "It feels like he's defiant and I can't have a conversation with him. It's defiance. I don't know if he's doing it to f--k with me. … This is the problem that I have in my relationship with Michael, and it's constant. One minute he's nicey nice, sweety sweety and the next he's a jerk and he throws these jabs at me. I can't take these highs and lows."

While Bobbi reassures her daughter that "no marriage is perfect and nobody's perfect," Dodd appears to be thinking about greener pastures.

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"I think the problem between Michael and I is that we're both two control freaks and none of us are going to relinquish our power," Dodd says. "I've tried divorcing and trust me, it's a nightmare with him. But you know what, I'm going to sell my house and do it on my own."

The Bravo personality had filed for divorcing her husband in 2012, but never followed through, deciding to give their relationship another chance before joining the Real Housewives of Orange County cast.

Dodd and her husband got into it again while preparing to attend Meghan King Edmonds' candle launch party.

"The older Michael gets, the grumpier he is," Dodd says, warning her husband to be "polite" at the launch. "He's rude to people. He just says things that embarrass me. And that's why half of the time, I don't bring him anywhere with me."

The businessman laughs off his wife's request, claiming that he's "always" polite. But he then threatens Dodd off-camera, she claims, telling her he isn't going to go to the party.

"It's funny how he threatens me, 'I'm not going to go.' I'm like, 'Don't freaking go if you don't want to go.' And now he's acting like everything's okay," Dodd explains. "He's good at that. He sweeps everything under the rug and he won't talk about anything. Seriously, I don't know how much more I can take."

"He's such an a--hole. I've hit a f--king wall with him," she continues. "Like, I don't even want him to come. I'm so done."

In September, the Dodds announced their divorce.

"Our marriage is over, I'm out of there! We've have problems for years and I've had enough, I'm done with our marriage," Dodd told the Daily Mail at the time. "It's just a case where two people can't get along. It's best if we went our separate ways and concentrate on our daughter."

"We aren't good together, maybe we'll better to each other when we are divorced and are friends. But right now we are both miserable and it's not good for either one of us, let alone our daughter," she continued.


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