Kelly Clarkson Reveals Thoughts on Adam Levine's 'Voice' Exit, and Fans Weigh In

Kelly Clarkson has publicly reacted to the news of Adam Levine departing The Voice and stirred up some conversation in the process.

Clarkson, who joined The Voice in Season 14, told fans that she was aware of the Maroon 5 frontman's exit. In fact, she had learned about it the night before.

She then went on to say it would be "weird" continuing on the show without him, being as he has been a coach since Season 1.

Her reaction led to a lot of chatter from The Voice fans. As one would imagine, reaction to the departure has been mixed.

Many fans were disappointed in seeing him eave after so long on the show. However, so aimed to see the bright side and were glad Levine made the right decision for himself to thrive.

Others were happy about the situation, but for other reasons.

Some championed the decision to carry on without the Levine. They cited the need for a change and even alleged that the pop singer seemed "uninterested" in the show in recent seasons.


Levine will be replaced by No Doubt singer and pop star Gwen Stefani in Season 17.

Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/NBCUniversal