'Southern Charm' Cast Member Kathryn Dennis Reportedly Working at Department Store

Kathryn Dennis has a new job outside of her role on Southern Charm. The reality star is reportedly working at a department store called Gwynn's, and friends say it's all a part of her "getting her s--- together."

"Kathryn got a job at a clothing store," an anonymous friend told Page Six this week. "It's like a Bloomingdale's. She's styling. Her storyline [this season] could be her getting her s–- together and getting her kids back."

Gwynn's describes itself as a "locally-owned luxury department store," and confirms that Dennis is working there.

However, the owner clarified Dennis's position, saying "Kathryn is freelancing for us. She's been here for a few weeks now. Bravo has filmed several times. She's done a good job. She has a good eye for apparel and styling people, putting outfits and entire looks together."


Bravo has declined to comment on Dennis's new job so far, though they're likely saving the revelation for on screen.