'Kate Plus Date': Kate Gosselin's Daughters Grill Her Latest Suitors

On the next episode of Kate Plus Date, Kate Gosselin's twin daughters Cara Nicole and Madelyn [...]

On the next episode of Kate Plus Date, Kate Gosselin's twin daughters Cara Nicole and Madelyn Kate, grilled their mother's latest suitors. In an unusual move, Gosselin chose to introduce the men she is dating to her daughters before their second dates.

"This is an unusual dating environment, so I mean, why don't we make it even more unusual? Meet the kids before the second date," Madelyn told the camera in a scene released by TLC before the episode aired Monday night. "I love it. She should have brought us all on her first date."

The men were interviewed by Madelyn and Cara, both 18, without their mother sitting next to them, which created an uncomfortable scene. However, the fact that some of the men were ok with this arrangement was a positive for Gosselin.

"Being willing to essentially be interviewed by a sampling - if you will - of my children is brave," Gosselin said.

The girls asked dates Todd and Jeff some fun questions about their likes and dislikes and important topics like cargo pants and coffee.

"We just wanted to put some fun questions in our interviews, so we asked about cargo pants," Madelyn said. "No shame to anyone who wears cargo pants, but no stepfather of mine will be in cargo pants."

One of the producers asked Cara if she thought it was more important if the guys impressed them or their mother. Cara jokingly said it was "definitely" more important for them to impress Madelyn.

Madelyn said she really liked Todd, who was open about liking sports but said he would not get mad if he missed a game.

"I liked that. I thought he was being honest," she said.

Jeff was a little "too smooth" for Madelyn.

"No disrespect to any eligible bachelors with children, but we have enough children," Madelyn said. "If you love your children, great. If you have them, amazing. But please don't join our family."

Kate Plus Date launched last month on TLC and follows Gosselin as she tests the waters in the dating pool following her 2009 divorce from Jon Gosselin. In a previous episode of the series, she revealed she might be holding on to "trust issues" related to the split.

"You aren't aware, nobody is aware, of really what my life entails," Gosselin told a matchmaker she visited. "It scares a lot of people. A lot of babysitters, a lot of relatives, literally have walked away because it's too much pressure."

Gosselin continued, "I know that there's this part of my life that I'm unable to talk about... A). obviously I'm divorced, and B). it hasn't been pleasant. There's just so much surrounding that that I'm unable — and, for my kids' sake, unwilling — to talk about."

New episodes of Kate Plus Date air Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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