Kate Gosselin Reportedly Feeling the 'Crunch' of Finances Not Being 'What They Used to Be'

Kate Gosselin's $1.3 million house sale reportedly comes at a difficult time for the Kate Plus 8 star, who isn't "broke," but whose finances "are not what they used to be," a source close to the TLC personality told InTouch Weekly on Sunday. With her TV career hanging in the balance, an ongoing legal battle with ex-husband Jon Gosselin and eight kids to support, it's been a major change for the star, who first appeared on TV with Jon & Kate Plus 8 in 2007.

"She’s not working, so there are no checks coming in," the insider explained. "It costs a lot of money to care for the kids and the lifestyle she’s been accustomed to. Having a hit TV show had a lot of perks. Things have definitely changed. That’s why she’s looking to sell her home." The insider added that it "doesn’t help" that her "ongoing custody battle" with her ex "never seems to end." They said of the Gosselins' legal issues, "That’s not cheap. She’s definitely feeling the crunch."

On Oct. 23, PEOPLE reported Kate was selling her Pennsylvania mansion, which she purchased with Jon 12 years ago for $1,299,990. Sitting on 23 acres of gated land, the property features a 7,591-square-foot house, complete with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as a pool and numerous amenities. Kate won the home, originally purchased for $1.1 million, in her 2009 divorce from Jon, and lived there for years with twins Cara and Mady, now 20, and sextuplets Collin, Hannah, Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Joel, now 16, after the split. With Cara and Mady going away to college and Collin and Hannah moving out to live with their father in 2018, the space might be a little big for the remaining five residents.

The legal drama with Jon continues after the DJ obtained sole custody of Collin following allegations that Kate sent him to live in a behavioral facility for years without just cause. Kate claimed Jon is a "violent and abusive person" last month after the 16-year-old alleged in a since-deleted post on social media that his dad had punched him and kicked him in the ribs, but Jon provided documents to Entertainment Tonight soon after that said Child Protective Services had declined to press charges after investigating what happened.

A fight between the two "escalated into something," Jon continued. "I had to restrain him and I've done that a couple times. I didn't think he would call the police but he wanted to get his way and the police did their investigation and there were no charges or citations filed." Jon alleged that Collin's "main disability is PTSD," which "stems from the abuse of his mother."