Kailyn Lowry Slammed by 'Teen Mom' Fans for Photo of Pantry Snacks 'Full of Dyes and Fillers'

Kailyn Lowry shared her organizational skills with fans on Tuesday when she posted a photo of her kitchen pantry, but many fans could only focus on one thing — her snack collection. The photo Lowry shared sees her shelves neatly organized, with food precisely filed away in containers and bins. Items include rows of chips, containers of cereal, jars of condiments, canned vegetables and other assorted items.

However, several fans immediately honed in on the contents of the pantry, criticizing the Teen Mom 2 star for keeping what they perceive to be unhealthy foods in her home.

"Awesome! But way too much junk food," one reply read. Someone else wrote, "Damn! Lots of junk food!!"

"All junk," tweeted a third person. A fourth commented, "HORRIBLE, processed, high sugar/starch/sodium....full of dyes and fillers. Ugh."

"But it's full of overly processed food! I hope you have another pantry with healthy snacks," another respondent wrote before attempting to justify their negativity with, "Please don't take my comment as a judgement it's just an observation."

"Big chip fan, huh?" cracked another.

Others were more worried about the bins of plastic water bottles stacked neatly at the bottom of the pantry.

"This is great organization but the plastic water bottles are KILLING me and this earth," someone wrote. "Please buy a Brita filter," another shared.

Lowry also received plenty of compliments for her neat pantry, with co-star, Chelsea Houska writing, "Goals."

"this is PURE inspo!" gushed one fan. "Neatly organized pantry's are what dreams are made of. Or, at least my dreams. La-La-Love it!" wrote another.

Some people joked about what the pantry would look like after Lowry's kids have been inside.

"I want to see a photo in 2 weeks," someone tweeted. "Just need a lock and key to keep the kids out now," another wrote, with a third asking, "Love it! How long will it stay that way with 3 kids?"

Lowry responded to some of the negativity with a tweet joking about her dinner choices when her kids aren't home.

On Thursday, she shared a photo of her closet, proving that her organizational skills extend beyond her kitchen.


"Honestly, nobody can tell me s—," she wrote. "My house is organized."

Photo Credit: Getty / Gregg DeGuire