Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska Clap Back at Mommy Shamers for ‘Holding’ Their Infants

With the rise of social media comes a pitiful increase in mommy shaming and its latest victims just so happen to be MTV's Teen Mom 2 cast members, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska.

On Friday morning, Kailyn Lowry posted a message to her Twitter in regards to a few people who have criticized her for "holding" her son all the time.

"I hate when people say the baby is going to be spoiled [because] I hold him all the time," Lowry wrote. "Welllll he's only an infant for so long."

Following her message, fellow Teen Mom 2 cast member, Chelsea Houska wrote her own message on Twitter reiterating Lowry's thoughts, but mentioned the "mommy shaming."

"So now you get mom shamed if you hold your baby too much and if you don't hold your baby enough… awesome," Houska wrote, alongside clap emojis.

Noticing Lowry's tweet in her feed, Houska immediately chimed in with a reply, "I didn't even see this before I posted my tweet haha we are horrible moms."

"Don't you love everyone's opinions on it," Lowry replied.

This past summer, CBS News reported that mommy shaming was on the rise, stating six out of 10 American mothers say they've been criticized by others for their parenting skills, adding the "Teen Moms" in that boat to an infinite degree.

But according to Web MD, it's impossible for parents to "hold or respond to a baby too much." Child development experts say infants actually "need constant attention," so it is essential to provide them with "the foundation to grow emotionally, physically and intellectually."

Child psychologist and director, J. Kevin Nugent of the Brazelton Institute at Children's Hospital in Boston says the challenge of a newborn getting the know the world around them depends on reliability and trust.

He says that responding to baby's cues "isn't a matter of spoiling," but rather "a matter of meeting the child's needs."


While it's unclear what comments Lowry and Houska received, it seems the two are doing just fine without the negativity.

Photo credit: Twitter / @newsflashFYI, @newsflashFYI