JWoww Spotted out With Zack Carpinello Despite Breakup, Angelina Pivarnick Blowup

Jenni "JWoww" Farley's breakup with Zack Carpinello may not have lasted long, as they were spotted out together on Saturday night. Witnesses told Us Weekly that Farley and Carpinello were at a theme park together with Farley's children, in spite of the recent drama on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Angelina Pivarnick was nowhere in sight.

Farley was heartbroken last week when she broke up with Carpinello following the latest episode of Jersey Shore. In it, she was down and out in a Las Vegas club, while Carpinello made a move on Pivarnick. Farley was heartbroken that she did not know about the infidelity for five months and had to learn about it on screen.

Still, it looks like she is at least willing to be around Carpinello, as she was on Saturday night. Witnesses reported seeing them together with 5-year-old Meilani and 3-year-old Greyson at the Field Station: Dinosaurs theme park.

The nature of the outing is still unclear. Carpinello has gotten close with Farley's children, but that may not necessarily mean she is ready to forgive him. Witnesses said that the four of them did not exactly look like one big happy family.

"They weren't lovey dovey or touchy. They were more civil than acting like a couple, but he was affectionate and sweet with the kids," they said. "They made s'mores."

The source added that Farley's father was with them, as well, killing any suspicion that it was a true "date." Of course, it could be a step in the right direction for the couple.

Farley previously revealed that she had no idea about the infidelity until Thursday night's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. She wrote a long note on Instagram, calling out Carpinello and Pivarnick.

"I feel disrespected by someone I called a friend and by someone who stated they loved me. For 5 months I was naive, probably laughed at and made into a story line that will forever haunt me. My heart hurts on so many levels," she wrote. "One thing I learned from tonight's episode is know your value. Don't ever lower your standards."


Carpinello followed up with his own guilty post, but Pivarnick teased even more drama. In a now-deleted Instagram post, she wrote that the whole scenario "is FAR from over! Round two between me and [JWoww] Tonight at 8 p.m."

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.