Josiah Duggar Pens Emotional Mother's Day Message to Wife Lauren After Miscarriage

Josiah Duggar is sending love to wife Lauren on her first Mother's Day since experiencing a devastating miscarriage.

The Counting On star, 22, shared a photo to the couple's shared Instagram account Sunday with an emotional note on what must have been a hard day for his wife.

"To my dear Lauren... Happy 1st Mother's Day!" he began. "I have seen you love, protect, and how much you have given without getting anything in return. I wish our sweet baby could've seen just how wonderful a mother you are."

Josiah Lauren Duggar
(Photo: Instagram/Josiah and Lauren Duggar)

He continued, "Not all mothers arms get to hold their little one, or get to hear their baby's laughs and cries. You may have missed out on these things since our baby was called home to be with Jesus, but you ARE a mother. I love you Lauren!"

Just weeks after announcing they were expecting their first child together in September, Lauren experienced a miscarriage, she revealed on Counting On.

"I wasn't feeling well — I was cramping really, really bad, which was quite strange because I normally don't," she shared. "I was thinking I had something with gluten in it."

"It was late at night and I went to the restroom, and right there was the baby," she continued through tears. "Gone. I couldn't believe it, and I was hoping it wasn't true."

Through their strong faith, Lauren explained she was able to cling to her belief of being able to hold her baby in heaven one day.

"No one can ever heal from losing a child," Lauren said. "It's always going to be a reminder; it's always going to sting, especially when you see other babies."

"They say time will heal, but it's a little different," she continued. "My comfort is that my baby is with Jesus and that I one day get to see my baby. I may never get to have memories, get to take pictures, hold and kiss my baby, but I will one day get to hold my baby."


But Lauren admitted, "Sometimes it's very hard, especially when you see your sisters and they have babies. It's hard to praise the Lord for something like that."

Photo credit: Instagram/Josiah and Lauren Duggar