One of Jon Gosselin’s 8 Kids Spent His Birthday With Him

Jon Gosselin recently turned 41 and only one of his eight kids celebrated his birthday with him.

(Photo: Jon Gosselin / Instagram)

According to Cafe Mom, Gosselin celebrated his Easter birthday with his mother Pamela Gosselin Castello, his brother, his brother's family, and his 13-year-old daughter Hannah.

Hannah is the only one of Gosselin's eight children that he has custody of. The other seven are in the custody of his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

The outlet also reports that many people who have followed the former couple's relationship since the early days of Jon & Kate Plus 8 feel like Kate may be the reason more of their children did not celebrate Jon's birthday with him.

Some have accused her of having "brainwashed" the kids and turned them "against him."

"Despite differences a mother should encourage a relationship with the father," wrote one person on social media.

"It's pretty obvious that there is some parental alienation being perpetrated by Kate. She has serious control issues," another person added.

Others have a different perspective, however, seeing it as more that "out of all his kids only one" actually wanted to spend his birthday with him.

"How sad when you have eight and only one wants to be with you. That should tell you something, John," a social media user suggested.

Kate has seen quite a lot of backlash come her way lately with one situation in late 2017 getting her labeled a "loser parent."

The mother-of-eight posted a throwback photo of her son Aaden, but her Instagram followers got upset and began asking where her son Collin is.

In a caption on the photo, Gosselin wrote, "I'm sorry...but where has this little guy gone? My 4 year old little professor is all grown up! Talk about 'edible'! I adore his sweet, kind, loving, sensitive self! And he's so thoughtful and helpful! OH-and his love of HIS dog, Mak, especially melts my heart every single day!"

Her followers took issue with Gosselin focusing only on Aaden and fired back, with one follower writing, "Too bad she'll never do that [throwback photo] with Collin. She's GLAD he's gone."

"WHERE IS YOUR 'OTHER' SON, COLLIN THOMAS GOSSELIN?? HMMM? YOU ARE SUCH A LOSER PARENT," another user wrote, before adding that they felt the same way about Jon.


The concern for Collin comes from the fact that a couple of years ago Gosselin announced that the 13-year-old was going to be going away to a facility to deal with "special needs."

Earlier in 2017, however, Gosselin reportedly revealed that Colin was "flourishing," and added, "He's responding very well to one-on-one instruction. He definitely finds it easier to function and cope better without all the chaos that his home life entails."