John Legend Shows up His 'The Voice' Co-stars in Season 16 Promo

The Voice is set to return for its 16th season in Februrary, with John Legend having been announced as the latest artist to join the coaching lineup.

Legend will coach alongside series mainstays Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, as well as Kelly Clarkson, who has been a coach on the show for the past two seasons and won both times.

In a new promo for the upcoming season, it seems at least one of the veteran coaches finds the new arrival more than a little intimidating, with Levine, Shelton and Clarkson gathering together to discuss Legend's experience and his potential for the show.

“What are you guys worried about?” Levine asks the other two in the clip.

“I mean, John’s an Emmy winner, a Grammy, Oscar, Tony — it’s a lot,” Clarkson replies, while a calm and cool Shelton chimes in, “I’m not worried!”

As they make their way backstage, the trio coincidentally stumbles upon a giant keyboard à la the movie Big, with Levine hopping on to give it a try.

“Oh my God, I love these,” the Maroon 5 frontman says as he begins playing Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me.” Clarkson then happily jumps on, while Shelton obliges with a foot tap.

Seemingly summoned by the sound of a piano, Legend, appears, telling his fellow coaches, “You guys sound pretty cool, mind if I jump in?”

Levine, Clarkson and Shelton all oblige, only to instantly regret their decision when Legends hops on the piano and begins skating up and down the keys, displaying his signature prowess to the concern of the other coaches.

“Should have seen that coming,” Shelton quipped, while Clarkson said, “Now I’m worried.”

Legend's new role was announced in September, and he will replace Jennifer Hudson as the fourth coach during the upcoming season.

“I’m thrilled to join the coaches of The Voice,” Legend said in a statement at the time, via Variety. “I’ve been a guest and mentor on the show multiple times and I’m so excited to discover talented singers and help them make the most of their gift. I hope the world is ready for #TeamJL.”

After the news was confirmed, Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen, got some trolling in on her husband with her Instagram Story, sharing a fan-created shot of Legend sitting in one of The Voice's signature red chairs with the cartoon character Arthur's face superimposed on the shot.

Fans had previously compared Legend to the children's character, something Teigen has taken and run with multiple times.

(Photo: Instagram / @chrissyteigen)

The Voice returns on Monday, Feb. 25 on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC