Jodie Chapman Has 'Much Needed' Family Time at Late Mother-in-Law Beth Chapman's 'Beautiful' Memorial Service

Jodie Chapman recently shared that got some "much needed" family time at her late Mother-in-Law Beth Chapman's "beautiful" memorial service. Jodie is married to Wesley Chapman, who is one of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman's sons. Jodie shared a photo of the two from Beth's Colorado memorial service, as well as a series of other pictures. In the post caption she wrote, "Had a very special time in Denver celebrating the life of [Beth Chapman] with family, friends and fans."

"The memorial service was beautiful & spending time with the family was much needed," Jodie added. "Now it's time for you all to come to Idaho."

Lastly, she included the following hashtags: [family] [Denver] [Colorado] [travel] [traveling] [homeward bound] [until next time] [aloha]

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At least one other Chapman family member might be taking her up on her offer, as her sister-in-law Lyssa Chapman noticed the offer on Twitter and retweeted Jodie, adding, "Oh girl, careful what you wish for..."

While Beth's Colorado memorial brought a number of family members out, the Chapman's also held a memorial in Hawaii shortly after she passed away in June.

Beth had been battling throat cancer for many years, and ultimately it was what claimed her life in the end.

Following he tragic death, Dog spoke to journalists about what he was feeling, and also mused about his late wife a little as well. "Beth was somewhat of a control person — not from the grave but from heaven. I'm sure she's still controlling me and I've got notes in my pillowcases, on my sink, in my shaving thing. She's still telling me what to wear," he joked.

"She did it her way. There's some things that they predicted that the doctors ended up saying, 'We've never, ever, seen anything like this,'" he added. "Her way was to live. She wanted to live so bad and she fought so long, and the reason she fought, she liked life but she wanted to show people how to beat it and what to do when it got her."


"One of the last things she said [was] 'It's a test of my faith,'" Dog went on to say. "She had faith and that was it. There's things you go through when you're dying, like steps like you do when you lose someone, right? You get mad at them, and then you go through all these steps."

"Well, the last step when you're dying is to accept it," the reality TV star concluded. "And she said to me the other day, 'Honey, that last step, I ain't taking…' So go Bethy."