Jinger Duggar Reacts to Mommy Shamers After Posting Photo of Baby Felicity

Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo welcomed daughter Felicity in July, and the new mom has [...]

Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo welcomed daughter Felicity in July, and the new mom has since been sharing a host of adorable snaps of her baby girl on social media.

In several of those photos, Felicity is wearing mittens, something that has put Duggar on the receiving end of mom-shaming. In fact, the comments on Duggar's most recent photo of her baby girl wearing mittens were so bad, the reality star disabled comments on the snap.

The photo in question finds the infant lying in a bassinet and wearing a pink dress and floral headband as she snoozes, the tiny mittens on her hands clearly visible in the shot.

(Photo: Instagram / @jingervuolo)

"Those mitts are so stupid," one shamer had written on the snap. "They need to self soothe and they can't with those mitts...get them off. They aren't going to take their eyes out."

Another commented, "Free the hands! Better for her development."

A second previous photo of Felicity wearing mittens has also had its comments disabled.

Other photos of Felicity wearing mittens also include negative comments like this one, which read, "I never understood mitts anyway. Cut or bite off long nails; babies learn a lot through touch and self comfort with their hands."

"Take those mittens off her hands by George!!" a second person wrote.

Despite the unsurprising negativity, Duggar also has plenty of supporters in regards to her decision for her daughter.

"They keep babies from scratching themselves and they can still do so even when their nails are cut short," one fan explained of the mittens.

"Just because you didn't use them doesn't mean others can't, I don't understand what's the problem," a second person wrote in response to a shamer. "I'd rather my baby not have scratches on their faces."

The U.S. National Library of Medicine recommends mittens to keep infants from scratching their faces, while the American Academy of Pediatrics noted that mittens aren't fully necessary as trimming a baby's nails can also avoid scratching potential.

Either way, the choice is up to the parent, and it's certainly not one that any mom should be shamed for.

Duggar's latest photos saw her baby girl sporting a different accessory, with the new mom sharing a shot of Felicity wearing a headwrap and giving the camera a big smile.

"Happy girl in her new @poshknots," Duggar wrote.

(Photo: Instagram / @jingervuolo)

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jeremy_vuolo