Jinger Duggar Mommy Shamed for Baby Felicity's Latest Accessory

Another day, another incident of mom-shaming, once again aimed at new mom Jinger Duggar.

The Counting On star recently used Instagram to share a photo of her 2-month-old daughter, Felicity, with the little girl donning a blue floral onesie and a maroon headwrap with a knot.

"Happy girl in her new @poshknots," Duggar captioned the snap of her smiling baby girl.

(Photo: Instagram / @jingervuolo)

"Why do mom's insist on putting their baby girls in those unflattering hats. She's a gorgeous baby. That top knot is for a washer woman from the 1700's."

Another brought Duggar's family into it, commenting, "Why can't Duggar girl babies be without headgear?"

A third disguised their trolling as a compliment, writing, "Beautiful baby but Not a fan of the head thing - reminds me of Aunt Jemima."

To combat the negativity, many of Duggar's followers offered their own supportive comments gushing over baby Felicity and her new accessory.

"That head wrap is EVERYTHING," one person wrote, while another offered, "I love the headband. Ive seen so many on babies these days. They're so cute."

A third commented, "Jinger, you are an awesome Mom. Don't let the ignorant people get you down."

"Oh good grief," wrote a fourth. "It’s HER baby she can do whatever she wants regarding style. Whatever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut!!!"

Some people even considered the headband for their own babies, with one person writing, "My 5 month old doesn't have hair so this would be so cute"

Babies in headwear is nothing new, and Duggar often accessorizes Felicity's outfits with headbands, hats and wraps much like thousands of other moms do.

Earlier this week, Duggar was mom-shamed for putting her daughter in mittens, with things getting so bad the reality star disabled comments on two photos of her daughter wearing the accessory.

Some people slammed her for the mittens, claiming that babies need to have their hands free, while others shared stories of their own children wearing mittens for various reasons, including to prevent scratching.

That marks two posts in a row Duggar was mommy-shamed, though it didn't seem to faze her too much as her most recent photo sees Felicity wearing her headband and lying on a striped blanket, celebrating her 2-month birthday with blocks that read, "Felicity 2 months" behind her.


"She’s 2 months already?!” Duggar wrote, adding, “#timeflies #felicitynicolevuolo #2months2days."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jingervuolo