Jill Duggar Reveals How Many Times a Week Couples Should Have Sex

Jill (Duggar) Dillard is getting candid about her love life with husband Derick Dillard.

In a new blog post titled "More Than Sex: How To Love Your Husband" shared with her followers on Monday, the former Counting On star got real about her marriage and how she and her husband manage to keep the spark alive five years and two children later, and it includes plenty of time between the sheets.

"You both need this time together regularly (3-4 times a week is a good start. lol)," she advised her readers. "And when you may not be able to actually have intercourse for a period of time or for health issues, find other ways to have fun and be intimate. Let your spouse know that you're aways (sic) available. Guard against fulfilling sexual desires alone. Be open with your spouse about your desires and change things up to keep it exciting!"

The 28-year-old also advised her followers to seek help from a "doctor and/or licensed counselor" if they are "struggling with sex with your spouse."

Duggar also encouraged readers to "get new lingerie (online is an easy way to buy!) as a surprise gift for birthdays, holidays, vacations or whenever" and suggested that couples "make weekly date time a priority."

"Even if you can't go out, you can put the kids to bed early, have a candlelit dinner and watch a marriage video on YouTube and then discuss it together or read a marriage book together or take fun personality quizzes online!" she wrote. "Anything to learn more about each other and strengthen your marriage!"

The Counting On star explained that she decided to write this post because she got "so tired of people saying when we were just getting to know each other, and then as newlyweds too, was stuff like, 'Oh you just wait'… or… 'You're just in that newlywed phase.'"


She also added that despite her advice, she realizes that "sometimes things may change slightly due to life changes (e.g. kids, work schedules, etc.), one thing I think we need to recognize is that the fire in your marriage doesn't have to die out! But like a fire, sometimes, and more so during some seasons than others, you need to be intentional, proactive and work hard to keep the fire going."

Duggar and Dillard married in June of 2014. They welcomed their oldest son, Israel, April of 2015, and their youngest child, son Samuel, in July of 2017.