Jill Duggar in Hot Water for Posting Inappropriate Funeral Photo

Another day, another controversial social media post from Counting On star Jill Duggar. But unlike previous posts that caused a stir, this one involves the death of a child. Duggar posted a photo to her Instagram of a baby’s casket with a large bouquet of flowers on top of it and a butterfly resting on one of the roses.

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She captioned the photo: “Today has been a really hard day as I watched a couple do what no one should ever have to do...bury their little baby. Although our hearts break here on earth, we look forward to the day when we will see Jesus face to face, he will wipe every tear from our eyes and we will be reunited with those we miss so much.

“Until our race on earth is over, let us live intentionally, glorify God through our lives, serve Him well, fulfilling His purpose for our us until we draw our last breath,” she continued. Duggar went on to share the lyrics from a Christian Hymn called “Safe In The Arms Of Jesus.”

Some fans sent their condolences, but others were outraged by the post. “Does the couple in mourning know you posted this?” one user asked. “It seems pretty personal and I know I'd be upset if someone posted it without my knowledge if I was the mother involved.”

Another person echoed that concern. “Hopefully she got permission to post this,” they wrote. “With the Duggar’s being in the spotlight & has more than the average person viewing their profiles, it’s certainly not appropriate to post stuff like this unless given permission.”


A third follower called it “tacky,” writing, “Not everything has to be an Instagram post, even with the purest intentions. This is insanely tacky of you to post.” To which someone responded, “Regardless who it is, posting a picture of a coffin and posting it on social media is just tacky and disgusting.”

This topic is considerably more serious than some previous posts that drew strong reactions. In August, Duggar upset some followers by posting about how great the public library is because of its activities. Then she got in trouble with some fans for posting a butterscotch brownie recipe that didn’t include butterscotch. Before that, it was a post about a book of sexy bedroom games that drew the ire of Instagram.