Jill Duggar Found Son Sam Eating With a Spoon He 'Dipped' in the Toilet

Jill (Duggar) Dillard is known for sharing some less savory sides of her life as a mom, but the Counting On alum truly outdid herself with a toilet-filled story of 2-year-old son Samuel's horrifying mischief. Things started off on a less extreme note as a roll of toilet paper met its end at the toddler's hands when Jill returned home from a "kid-free weekend" with husband Derick Dillard.

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"Back home with these kiddos and they’re back into trouble haha," she captioned a photo with Sam and 4-year-old son Israel, as first reported by InTouch Weekly. "Sam emptied nearly a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet because he wanted the 'trumpet.'"

The mother-of-two wasn't taking that too seriously, however, adding, "Love these little guys so much and embracing the crazy journey of motherhood because I know this sweet season doesn’t last forever!"

Things took a turn for the crazy in the Duggar-Dillard household later, however, with Jill sharing photos on her Instagram Story of her youngest sitting next to an open toilet while holding a plastic bag and a spoon.

"What is it with this cutie and toilets today?!” Jill asked alongside the photo, adding a story that people with weak stomachs might want to pass on. "He came out of the bathroom eating the remainder of his cereal with that little spoon … only to find out he had dipped it in the potty first!”

Jill Dillard Sam toilet
(Photo: Jill Dillard)

In another photo, Jill shared a picture of the cereal bag, which had some clear liquid still remaining inside. “That liquid is apparently toilet water!” she captioned the picture, adding a screaming emoji.

The story struck some as a bit too much.

Jill Dillard Sam toilet 2
(Photo: Jill Dillard)

"Jill, you seem to be struggling with being at home with your two boys, lately," one follower commented. "I'm sure I'll catch alot of flack from everyone for saying this, but it's what I see."

Another added, "They are bored at home, they need to get outside more."

Others loved her unvarnished look at life with two kids.

"I love how real you are! Embrace it! It goes by so fast!" one user noted. "My boy is 7 and it seems like it happened in a blink!"


"Gotta love that curiosity!" another commented.

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