Jill Duggar Fans Lose Their Minds Over Photo of 10-Month Sam in His Car Seat

Jill (Duggar) Dillard is being mom-shamed following her most recent social media post.

The former Counting On cast member is facing a wave of backlash after she posted a photo 10-month-old Sam in his car seat following a family trip to the voting polls.

(Photo: Instagram / @jillmdillard)

"We just voted! Teaching 'em young the privilege of letting your voice be heard...and took both boys with me since Derick was at work. Lol," she captioned the image, which showed Dillard with sons Israel and Sam.

While the bright sun and squinting eyes immediately drew concern from some, with one person writing, "for heavens sake invest in a pair of children's sunglasses" and another commenting that "exposure to sun increases the chances of cataracts later in life," many people took issue with how little Samuel was positioned in his car seat.

"The car seat safety tho... Sooo many things wrong with this pic!! Ugh," one person wrote in the comments section, leading to a slew of similar comments.

"Please educate yourself on car seat safety and keep your kiddos safe. Please," another wrote.

Several other commenters were much more eager to give advice.

"I'm a CPST and cringe every time I see their kids in car seats," one person commented, adding "I wish they would take carseat safety more seriously. He has outgrown his seat. You need 1" of shell above his head, no after market products can be used (strap covers), chest clip at nipple line level, rear facing straps below the shoulders (above for forward facing)."

Others thought that baby Sam looked too big for his current car seat, with one person commenting, "You should be more worried about your son's safety in that car seat that he's too big for."

Still, another wrote "So is that car seat sitting on top of a flimsy umbrella stroller?" another person questioned, referencing a previous controversial stroller "hack" that Dillard had posted on YouTube and her website.


In the two-minute long video, Dillard shows fans her favorite space-saving tips, including a method of resting a car seat within a small umbrella stroller to save herself from carrying the larger, bulkier stroller.

The "hack" immediately drew criticism and worry from Counting On fans, who were quick to point out the dangers of the seemingly innocent tip, one person commenting on how the suggestion was just "an accident waiting to happen," while another pointed out that "it's unsafe practices that could end up with a child getting a concussion or worse."