Fans Criticize Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's 'Satanic' Decoration

While Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard were kissing under the mistletoe, fans zoned in on a "satanic" symbol in the background of their photo — and they made sure to let them know.

The Counting On couple shared the seemingly innocent photo on Instagram Sunday, and Derick wrote, "That time of year when you look for as many opportunities to kiss under the mistletoe."

Fans, however, were more concerned about a giant wooden star hanging on the wall over the fireplace. Many were convinced it is a Satanic of pagan symbol.

"That's a pentagram… seriously. The satanic star has 2 points up," one user wrote.

"That's a pentagram 100%, Maybe that are ignorant of that, but it is what it is," another added. "Pretty funny to see all the pagan traditions in this pic actually."

Others argued that the mantle decoration was meant to represent the Star of David, though it does not have six points.

Though the Dillards' followers criticized them for hanging the pagan symbol, a pentagram was once used by Christians to symbolize "the five wounds of Christ."

The mistletoe they are kissing under, on the other hand, was once "banned from Christian ceremonies for many years because of its pagan origin," the Rochelle-News Leader reports. But Christian people eventually began decorating with the parasitic plant, hoping that by embracing a traditionally pagan symbol, they would attract others to their religion.

Aside from the symbol war firing in Derick's comments section, other fans proposed that Jill may have done more than kiss under the mistletoe. They quickly theorized that the mom may be expecting her third child, judging by the "bump" present in the photo.

"I see a bump," one commenter wrote. Another added, "Jill is totally pregnant!!!"

But others shut down the speculators for assuming her pregnancy based on the size of her belly.


"She probably still has baby fat!! After each kid it gets harder to lose the baby weight as quick," one supporter wrote. "This comment is beyond disrespectful."

The Dillards are already parents to two sons, Israel David, 2, and Samuel Scott, 5 months.