Pregnant Jessie James Decker Reveals Daughter's Reaction to New Baby Brother

Last Thursday, on Facebook Live, Jessie James Decker shared some more details about that precious gender-reveal video she posted on Instagram a few weeks ago.

The country music and reality TV star confessed that her daughter, Vivianne Rose, was not quite as ecstatic as she and her husband were about the new baby boy joining their family.

"I knew she wanted a baby sister — I really wanted either one, because we have one of each," she said. Although the family put on a good show for the fans on social media, Decker says she tried her best to let Vivianne down easy.

"We told her back-to-back... I wanted to be able to tell her [I was pregnant] and then tell her the gender right after, so she didn't get her hopes up."

But as Decker would soon discover, once a little girl has her heart set on something, she's not easily dissuaded.

"...All she kept saying was, 'I want a baby sister. Jesus, I want a baby sister,'" Decker recalled.

This new baby comes just in time for the return of Decker's show, Eric & Jessie: Game On, which returned in September after several years off the air. With the family growing in ranks and the show celebrating a successful season, the Deckers seem dedicated to promoting and engaging with their audience.


In addition to the heart-warming gender-reveal video back in October, Decker posted a baby bump update on Instagram just this week.

There's no word yet on whether Eric & Jessie: Game On will return for a fourth season. Decker's album, Southern Girl City Lights is available now.