'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Guadagnino Weighs in on Donald Trump Impeachment, Asks 'You Really Want Pence?'

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino has weighed in on the Donald Trump impeachment news, by asking his followers, "You really want Pence?" In a tweet, Guadagnino wrote, "People want Trump impeached but you really want Pence? He reminds me of one of the founding fathers in the purge." The post has received a number of comments, with fans and followers of the reality TV star all seeming to be split over the impeachment.

"I was just having this conversation with someone! There is no win to this impeachment, the man taking office after trump believes that barbaric mental treatments are still an answer to sexuality!!" one person exclaimed, referring to past allegations that Pence was in support of the highly controversial conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth.

"Actually Pence has been implicated in the house hearings as well, if they bring trial against him Nancy Pelosi is next in line. And also re-election is less than a year away, I'd rather we set a standard that abuse of power is not okay and have Pence for a year," another person replied.

"The chances of Trump losing his status as president is slim considering it will be determined by a group of Republicans," someone else said. "But at least the impeachment is a step in the right direction for holding him accountable for his actions. But I also agree Mike pence is twisted too."

"We want both of those poor [excuses] for human beings out! But we have to start somewhere it's a process..its how our democracy works...impeachment done..now Senate needs to their job," one other user wrote.


Trump was impeached by the House this week, and now the impeachment articles will move on to the Senate.