'Jersey Shore' Star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Explains Why He Called the Cops on His Brother

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino had some unpleasant family drama this weekend, but he is not shying away from it on social media. The Jersey Shore alum made a post on Instagram, explaining why he decided to call the police on his estranged brother, Frank "Maximo" Sorrentino. To put it simply, he said it was an act of "tough love."

Since the story had already spread in the form of rumors and scattered reports online, Sorrentino made an Instagram post to explain what happened between him and Frank on Saturday. According to a report by PEOPLE, Frank showed up unannounced at Sorrentino's home in New Jersey on Tuesday evening, saying he wanted to drop off gifts to Sorrentino's 3-month-old son Romeo. Since the family has had problems in the past, Sorrentino tried to turn his brother away, but Frank lingered outside, ringing the doorbell and demanding entry until the police arrived. This led one fateful commenter to ask Sorrentino: "What kind of dude calls the cops on his own brother? Despicable."

"A responsible adult protecting his family from [an] estranged family member who has fallen prey to mental illness from long-term meth addiction," Sorrentino responded candidly. "A rational adult who just put down his baby to sleep at 8 p.m. and the doorbell was ringing obsessively at 8:30 p.m.!! A responsible dad who already filed a harassment claim on his estranged brother in July and this was the second harassment claim!!"

Sorrentino also noted that he did not ask the police to arrest his brother or "cause him pain," and he did not request a new restraining order against Frank either. Echoing the word choice of his commenter, he wrote: "His behavior has been despicable for months. My whole family has him blocked not just me, even my mother and what does that say. We just want him to get help and he is refusing. In conclusion, go f— yourself."

Sorrentino explained further in the caption to this screenshot, saying that this was simply a candid look at what life is like with addiction. He said that showing his brother "tough love" was also a way of setting "healthy boundaries" for both of them, noting that Frank endangers his own ongoing efforts to stay clean and sober.

"Anybody can get the smoke if you try to jeopardize everything I have worked for!!" He concluded. Sorrentino is now 6 years sober, and he and his wife are busy raising their newborn baby. He has not commented further on the situation with his brother.