Jenelle Evans Speaks out on Rumors She's Back With Either Husband David Eason or Ex Nathan Griffith

Teen Mom fans know that star Jenelle Evans is an open book, especially when it comes to sharing details with her fans. Most recently, the reality star posted a Youtube video in which she covered many of the questions that fans have asked her. Naturally, some fans asked about Evans' relationship status with her exes, Nathan Griffith and David Eason, and she was not afraid to give her followers the scoop.

On Friday, Jan. 24, Evans answered a variety of questions about her personal life. During the YouTube Q-and-A, the former Teen Mom star even addressed whether she was with her ex, Griffith.

"No, definitely not," she said about her relationship with Griffith, with whom she shares a son, Kaiser. "We've been co-parenting lately and not really... we were getting along but now we're not because I guess we're not on the same level. He likes me a lot. And I don't like him like that anymore. So, trying to keep things civil and just co-parenting, that's it."

Elsewhere during the interview, the mom-of-three said that she was also not in a relationship with her ex, Eason, with whom she shares daughter, Ensley. (Evans previously revealed that she had split from Eason in October.)

"No. No, again, I'm just co-parenting," Evans said about her relationship with her estranged husband. "Trying to stay out of court, trying to keep things civil between all parties and I just want to do my own thing. I mean, I'm single now. I need to venture out. I need to think about my future and my kids and what I'm gonna do in life. And I don't need any distractions at all and I notice guys can be a big distraction."

Evans' YouTube Q-and-A comes days after she was spotted hanging out with Eason in Nashville, a sighting which led some to question whether the two were back together. But, according to the reality star, there was a very simple explanation as to why they were seen together.


"I was in downtown Nashville taking pictures with my photographer and David was in town for the court date," she explained. "So then he has to see Ensley and while I was taking pictures. We had lunch and then he went home. That's it."

In her video, Evans stressed that she was single, despite any rumors to the contrary. The reality star is simply focused on herself, her three kids and has no time for any of these "distractions."