Jenelle Evans Shuts Down 'Teen Mom' Exit Rumors, Says She's 'Locked in a Contract'

Jenelle Evans isn't leaving Teen Mom 2 anytime soon. The 26-year-old MTV star took to Twitter to clarify rumors that she was quitting the show.

"Have lots of offers from many different people but you have to turn them down when you're locked in a contract," Evans tweeted, adding the hashtag #annoying.

Her frustrated tweet came a week after she threatened to leave the show following an episode in which she lied about pulling a gun on a fellow driver during a road rage incident.

While filming a special for the show, Evans said she was determined to get out of her contract for next season if her husband David Eason is not allowed to film once again. (As previously reported, he was fired earlier this year after making homophobic comments on social media.)

"I'll go do my own thing," she said, claiming she had deals waiting for her from Amazon and Netflix.

The drama began when Evans followed an aggressive driver to his house before pulling a gun on him in front of her 8-year-old son Jace, who sat in the shotgun seat. The incident was captured by MTV cameras and aired on the show last month.

When Jace mentioned to Evans' mother, Barbara Evans, who has custody of Jace, that his mom pulled a gun on the driver, Evans immediately scolded Jace as a liar.

"No, I didn't, Jace," she told the boy. "Why are you telling her I pulled a gun out on him? I did not do that."

Barbara replied that in any situation, following a driver with road rage is never a good idea, something Eason agreed with while on the phone with Evans.

"I'm protected all the time," Evans told her mom. "The point is you don't tailgate people, especially a mother, and try and make [Jace's] head hit the dashboard."

Fans were enraged that Evans threw her son under the bus in trying to cover up the fact that she drew a gun on the driver. If the 26-year-old does end up somehow getting out of her contract with MTV, fans may not be particularly disappointed to see her and Eason out of the spotlight for a while.


In agreeance with Teen Mom fans is Evans' ex, Nathan Griffith, who is the father of Evans' 3-year-old son, Kaiser. The day after Evan's road rage episode aired on MTV, Griffith filed a motion for full custody of Kaiser. Evans would get visitation rights if Griffith gets his way.

Bringing up allegations of drug abuse by both Evans and Eason, Griffith claimed that Eason is a "violent person who is a danger to the minor child," PEOPLE reports. He also claimed that both of Evans' children tested positive for THC at birth. Read more about Griffith's custody battle here.