Jenelle Evans Shoots Down 'Craziest Thing' She's Heard About Herself

Jenelle Evans is clearing up a seriously bizarre rumor the Teen Mom 2 alum says she's heard about herself recently, but her followers aren't exactly buying it. After regaining custody of her and husband David Eason's four children recently, the fired MTV personality has been stirring up trouble on social media, defending her parenting skills and throwing jabs at former co-stars.

Monday was no different in Evans' mentions, as she wrote on Twitter, "Craziest thing I’ve heard lately... I photoshop my eyes to make them bigger [crying laughing] [face palm] ... I don’t."

Fans were skeptical, however, with some accusing the former reality star of making up the rumor and others bringing up her recent legal troubles as far crazier.

Photoshop accusations do seem pretty run of the mill when you think about Evans' last few months. The Teen Mom 2 star was fired from her role on the show after her husband admitted to shooting and killing their pet bulldog, Nugget, after it allegedly nipped at 2-year-old daughter Ensley's face.

The admission prompted a Child Protective Services investigation that resulted in the pair temporarily losing custody of Ensley, Evans' sons Kaiser, 5, and Jace, 9, and Eason's daughter Maryssa, 11. Earlier this month, a North Carolina judge reinstated their custody agreement, but the drama didn't stop when the court case had concluded.

Not long after, police came forward and claimed Evans had "fabricated" the dog's death for media attention, which the mother-of-three has since denied on social media.


"This is not true," she wrote earlier this month on social media. "The police called me and asked me if it was a stunt and I told them it WASNT and I didn’t know where my dog was."

Photo credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans