Jenelle Evans Shades 'Teen Mom 2' Co-Star Kailyn Lowry With 'Bad Parenting' Reports

Ex-Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is once again stirring the pot with her former co-stars, this time targeting Kailyn Lowry with some shade on social media.

The former reality star has taken to sharing links as part of sponsored deals in the wake of her firing from the MTV reality series, but that doesn't mean it has stopped her from causing drama with her former co-stars thanks to her strategic choice of stories to promote.

The latest takes a swipe at Lowry, linking to a story where the Teen Mom 2 star was slammed for a "deadly parenting decision." The link goes to a story at Celebuzz regarding an Instagram Live video shared by Chris Lopez, the father of Lowry's child.

(Photo: Jenelle Evans/Instagram)

In the video, Lopez is seen with his son in the bathtub, fooling with the water and warning the child not to play with the faucet.

"Stop, you gonna burn yourself! You just touched the hot water," Lopez can be heard saying in the clip. But then he chastises the child in a way that left many at home questioning his strategy. "No, you not getting out, you just got in Wash yo' a—. No no no, get back in there, wash yo' a—."

Celebuzz points out that many were disgusted by the comments and lashed out online.

"The way he treats his son is disgusting. The way he speaks to his son is disgusting. The way he treats kail is disgusting. The way he speaks to kail is disgusting," one disgusted user wrote.

"I used to kind of like kail because I thought she was a good mother," another added in. "She hasn't been as good of a mother to her children since she met this POS, and I no longer have any respect or affinity for her."

The post continues on to share some details about how Kailynn's relationship with Lopez has played out, with more commentary from fans online. But for others, it is easy to see the irony in Evans helping to share this story around.

Similar to how she shared articles about controversial Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood in the wake of her arrest, Evans has no qualms with tossing her former co-stars into the fray.

"So what, to take the heat off you throw someone else under the bus??" a fan wrote on Twitter in response to Evans commenting on Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer's past troubles with her kids. "This proves you are childish [as f—] and can't stand to see people doing better than you!"

"This all goes to show that all the other moms have grown up into adults and you are still stuck at age 16, time to grow up and be a responsible adult," another user added.

(Photo: Jenelle Evans/Twitter)

The shade is also hot on the heels of Evans own custody battle in the aftermath of David Eason killing her dog and getting her fired from Teen Mom 2. Evans and Eason were forced into a prolonged court battle after their children were taken away due to the environment. She also claims she thought about leaving Eason after he killed her dog, Nugget, but decided against it despite controversy and criticism from all sides.


"Imagine losing all your kids and then justifying it because "someone else lost theirs too," a critic tweeted at Evans Friday.

Since regaining custody of her children, Evans has been in a war of words with local police and the media over what exactly happened with Eason, nugget, and the situation that led to her losing her spot on Teen Mom 2.