Jenelle Evans' Custody Dispute Boils Over in Parking Lot Altercation

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, have been engaged in a public custody battle over Jenelle's eldest son, Jace, and things took a heated turn during Monday's episode of Teen Mom 2, with the 25-year-old and her mom getting into an argument in a parking lot.

Jenelle and her fiancé, David Eason, had attempted to track down Barbara after she wouldn't let the pair have the 7-year-old, with Eason recording the interaction on his phone.

"She had Jace and I was concerned because she was drinking wine," Jenelle explained. "The cameras weren't there so David recorded everything on his phone."

Barbara immediately became defensive as the duo approached.

"I'm not drinking, I'm having dinner with my friends. It's two different things," she fumed. "David, get this f--king camera off of me! Do you hear me? I'm done."

She added, "I am not drinking, I had one sip of wine! One sip of wine! How many times has David been drinking and driving? David, how many times? Many times. Jace tells me all the time."

Eason attempted to ask Barbara to let Jace spend time with himself and Jenelle, but she wasn't having it.

"You know what? This is bulls--t. Why are you doing this? You want to do this in court? You'll see," she said. "Jace will never come with you. You especially. He tells me what you do. He will never go or live in your house ever."

Eason explained after the incident that he thinks Barbara is worried she will lose custody of Jace.

"She knows that she's probably gonna lose Jace and she's gonna try to get all the time with him that she can, you know, for the next couple of weeks," he said. Jenelle added, "Yah, I think she's scared."


Photo Credit: MTV