Jenelle Evans Defends Husband David Eason Over Accusations His Business Is 'Ripping off' Blacksmith

David Eason is once again causing some trouble and finding himself in hot water, this time due to his new custom metal and woodworking business. As previously reported, some are claiming that the former Teen Mom 2 cast member's business name, Black River Forge, is ripping off a fellow blacksmith in Texas. This forced Jenelle Evans to once again come to her husband's defense on social media.

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My very first attempt at leather working, made Maryssa a bracelet! I hope she loves it when she gets home from school today!

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"David's company is NOT called Black River Forge. He has his trademarked name already and this is just a simple name for his Instagram Page," Evans wrote on Twitter.

The defense follows the revelation of Eason's alleged name for his business on social media. Many started to reach out and make it clear that Eason's shared a name with the Texas company.

"Just to let you know. A guy named David Eason is using your name," A concerned fan wrote on the Facebook page for Black River Forge in Texas. "Google him. It is not good for business."

Others also chimed in on the page, calling Eason a "scary guy" who wouldn't be good for the brand name. The attention brought to the page led to the company dropping an update on their page and claiming they'd be looking into the matter.

"Thank you for bringing to our attention that someone is using the same business name. We are not familiar with David & will look into this matter."

But now that the story has made the rounds, Jenelle Evans has spoken up to defend her husband and attempt to clear the air about his business.

"Black River is where David grew up and was raised in Currie, [North Carolina]," Evans wrote in a passionate tweet. "He hasn't sold any merchandise and doesn't even have an online store yet."

She continued on, jabbing at fans and media reports on the business.

"Y'all hating just to hate," she wrote. "Jump into conclusions so soon." She closed the tweet with a cry-laughing and facepalm emoji alongside the hashtag [idiots].

The defense seemed to fall on deaf ears, though. Many chimed in with their own tweets, pointing out that Evans is forced to defend Eason quite a lot.

"It must be exhausting to always have to defend and explain your husband," one critic wrote. "You keep dodging those red flags, girl."

"David scrambling to find a purpose in life now that the MTV checks have run dry," another critic pointed out.

"Ohhhh goodie! What will he sell?? Clothing made out of dog pelts?" a third noted. "I miss your dog more than you do!"

Eason didn't avoid criticism either when he returned to social media to introduce his new line of work.

"This is the worst effin idea ever," one person wrote to Eason. "You should be NOWHERE near weapons. And they look like s—anyway. Money tight now that you both have 0 income? Get a real job."


"I love how he thinks everyone just forgot he murdered a 10-pound dog," a second one wrote.

Evans has been trying to create more drama on social media recently and always seem to defend her life amid her recent legal battles and firing from Teen Mom 2. This doesn't show signs of stopping, so it would seem that Eason and Evans will always be caught in this pattern until the public finally moves on.