Jenelle Evans Accused of Being 'Insensitive' for Comments About Hurricane Florence Aftermath

Jenelle Evans is facing criticism for her latest tweet regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, which fans are calling "insensitive."

The Teen Mom 2 star has been getting hate for writing tweeting that felt "skinnier" because of the storm.

(Photo: Twitter/Jenelle Evans)

"But with this storm I'm getting skinner y'all," she wrote on Twitter, as first reported by InTouch.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, almost immediately inspired backlash amongst her followers, who were already criticizing the star for previous statements she made downplaying the effects of the hurricane.

"Besides her error, it's an incredibly insensitive thing to say considering people are in need of food and water," one user wrote.

Another commented, "Totally. This is something you text a friend not put on the Internet."

"Everything she's been saying the last few days is insanely insensitive," another user wrote. "She had an opportunity to evacuate and make sure her family was safe and had what they needed. She selfishly stayed home and is now trying to collect sympathy points. This is a new low, Jenelle."

Earlier this week, the MTV star faced backlash when she made the decision to shelter in place with husband David Eason and their kids Kaiser, Ensley and Maryssa.

On Wednesday, Evans made headlines when she clapped back at someone who criticized her plea for donations to and prayers.

"Trying to navigate my mom back home right now is almost impossible. Roads are flooded everywhere. People are stuck in their towns needing diapers, formula, food, water, etc. I can't even help because I can't get to them and our stores are dry of everything! This is so scary," she wrote on Twitter.

One of her fans replied, "If only someone could have predicted this would happen and recommend that you evacuate with your family," which inspired Evans to respond.

"I'm fine.... my friends that are stuck aren't. They have babies with no formula and diapers. [I don't know] about you but that shoots my anxiety sky high... but I can't leave my family. It's a sticky situation," she wrote.

Evans was also criticized for posting bikini shots as the storm caused damage in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia last week, though that criticism also prompted a comeback.

"Hopefully you're starting to take this seriously. No more #WhatHurricane hashtags and asking for prayers in a bikini. People are dying and losing everything," one commenter wrote.


Evans responded, "No s—, I meant that caption as in my children are safe and comfortable. Always taking my words and twist them to make it sound negative," along with the hashtag #GoAway.

Hopefully Evans will someday learn from the mistakes of her social media history.