After Cheating Scandal, Jax Taylor Says Marriage to Brittany Cartwright May Still Be Possible

Despite cheating on his girlfriend of more than two years with a former Vanderpump Rules cast member, Jax Taylor still thinks wedding bells may soon be ringing for him and Brittany Cartwright.

Taylor revealed to Us Weekly that even after he admitted to sleeping with Faith Stowers in Monday's episode of the E! reality show, he and Cartwright are the "best we've ever been."

Taylor says despite Cartright telling him to "rot in hell," the two never broke up in the wake of his scandal. He added he was surprised she wanted to work things out.

"I was very shocked. I love her very much, and that's not what I wanted. It was just a bad time that we were going through." Taylor said. " I do have a lot of making up to do, I still do, I am making it up. And it's a work in progress."

They may even be thinking about a wedding.

"Seeing how she is with people, seeing how she is with me, I don't really want to be with anybody else. And then I also don't want her to be with anybody else," Taylor said. "And so, I don't want to lose her. So if marriage is what we need to do, then that's what we're gonna do."

Stowers turned things things upside down for the SUR-vers during the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules, spilling to James Kennedy that she had had an affair with Taylor in a truly scandalous manner.

While working as a live-in caretaker of a 95-year-old woman, Stowers got a message from Taylor on Twitter, who she claims came to that house and had unprotected sex in front of the sleeping elderly woman. Stowers added she thought she might be pregnant as well.

After confirming Stowers' account of what happened, Taylor said his cheating was an act of self-sabotage.

"I wasn't thinking. It was one of my usual mess ups. I really really really regret what I did," Taylor told Us Weekly. "It was just a huge mistake that we are actually working out right now. This was shot many months ago so we're working through it and we're in a good place right now."

The Bravo star has a history of cheating on his significant others, but has insisted he's trying to clean up his act.


"If something is going [well] I tend to sabotage it by doing something wrong, instead of doing the right thing by talking it out," Taylor admitted to the publication. "I tend to try to get out of relationships and this was my attempt to get out of something I really didn't want to get out of. It was a stupid mistake that I'm paying for every day."

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