Jana Duggar's Entry in Family Scrapbook Has Fans Brokenhearted

Jana Duggar has long captured the hearts of Counting On fans, with many painting her as a tragic figure dedicated to taking care of her family at the neglect of her own love life.

While all of the Duggar daughters over 18 have been married off, Duggar remains single at nearly 28 years old in her conservative independent Baptist family. And as one Reddit user pointed out recently, Duggar has possibly the most depressing entry in the Duggar Family Scrapbook on the TLC family's blog.

In the scrapbook, all of the Duggar children have listed facts about themselves including their favorite food, quote, Bible verse and future plans.

But while her sisters list their future plans as "community outreach" or "raising children," Duggar's future plans section is blank.

"That hurts my heart," one Reddit user commented.

"She may have plans, but is afraid to share," another hypothesized.

"Kinda hurts my heart, she seems so sweet," another chimed in.


Others thought the exclusion might be more of a clerical error, pointing out that the information appears to have been posted prior to Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth's wedding in May.

"Meh, could be a lot of things," one person pointed out. "Jana being a more private person who doesn't always want to do the Duggar Family tap dance. Jana really being as Zen-Christian and 'it will be what it will be' as the family says she is. Jana just forgetting to answer that question and the family publishing the list without noticing."