'Home Town': Ben and Erin Napier Read Shel Silverstein With Daughter Helen in Adorable Snap

Ben and Erin Napier are enjoying some quality time with their 4-year-old daughter Helen. Monday night, the Home Town stars gave fans a peek into their bedtime routine, which included some light reading with Helen, who requested bedtime stories from Shel Silverstein's 1996 poetry collection Falling Up.

Shared to Erin's Instagram account, the adorable photo showed the parents and little Helen all snuggling together beneath a blanket, with Helen's face blocked from view by the book. Erin quoted her daughter in the caption as having requested, "Let's read that 'Jumpin' Up' book." The adorable moment proved nostalgic for some fans, with many reflecting on how they, too, red Silverstein's poetry collections as children, with one applauding, "only the best parents read Shel Silverstein."

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Fans of the HGTV stars know that while the Napiers typically refrain from dishing out too many details on their personal lives, particularly details about their daughter, they don’t shy away from showcasing just how tight their family unit is. Their respective Instagram accounts are typically filled with family-centered posts, including adorable updates about their daughter's artistic endeavors. The Napiers recently opened up about the importance of family when speaking to PopCulture.com, with Ben noting, "nothing beats family."

“No, nothing's more important. No job, no nothing," Erin agreed. "Nothing is more important than our daughter and making her our priority and our friends and our family who've been there way before there was a TV show."


Ben also reflected on the bond between himself and his three brothers, explaining, "something I won't compromise on is spending time with those brothers." Although he leads a busy life, he said he "will move heaven and earth and whatever else it takes to make that happen" if an opportunity arises to spend time with family. He added that family time "is way more important to us than the money we get paid to do the show. Yeah, that time that we spend with family is vital."

Fans can catch up with the Napiers when new episodes of Home Town air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV, with new episodes also appearing on discovery+, Discovery Inc.'s streaming service. Currently on Season 5, the beloved series faced impacts from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, though production persevered through the many obstacles.