'Grown & Gospel': Bree and Tasha Bond Over Previous Work in Strip Clubs and Addiction (Exclusive)

Grown & Gospel gives viewers a glimpse into gospel royalty. The reality series follows a group of career-driven childhood friends searching for success in the Detroit gospel scene and beyond. Tied through their familial dynasties, they learn to navigate the business of gospel music, while embarking on their own endeavors. The close-knit crew grapples with their strict upbringing and high standards as they push toward being the new generation of gospel, with some even wanting to depart from the genre completely. Viewers will take a look into their personal lives as they expose broken hearts, reveal dark secrets, and balance it all. Produced by former Real Housewives staple and the self-proclaimed "King of Reality TV," Carlos King

Two of the show's stars are Tasha Page-Lockhart, Sunday's Best winner and daughter of Lisa Brooks Page – and Bree Hammond, daughter of Fred Hammond. The official logline for the forthcoming episode reads: "With her estranged husband coming into town, Tasha struggles with her desire to reconcile, and attempts to woo him back by appealing to his baser instincts. Meanwhile, Bree agrees to trust Elijah, who has offered to direct a photoshoot for her." In the exclusive clip provided by WEtv, Bree comes to Tasha for advice, as they open up, they realize how similar their past experiences are because of addiction and working in strip clubs.

Tasha visits Bree in her new apartment in Detroit, where she learns Bree works from home in real estate finance to make ends meet. In between her 9-5, Bree is busy trying to get her music career off the ground. "I have to find the balance between paying these bills and getting it done," Bree says. Tasha understands Bree's frustration, noting that before her gospel career popped off, she attended cosmetology school, but her heart was set on music. "I was literally visualizing me on stage singing, I'm writing songs as I'm curling hair," Tasha recalls. Bree also attended cosmetology school, noting a commonality between the two. 

"I not only get frustrated, but also like this hopeless feeling because if I don't have the space and the freedom to put the time and the energy into my creativity, and into my music, then I just feel like when am I going to do it? And every year that goes by, it's like I'm a year older, and it's getting away from me," Bree explains.

Her story resonates with Tasha. As the discussion continues, they both share their times in "running the streets," with Tasha revealing she sang in strip clubs and attended church every Sunday, and directed the choir. They even admit they'd go to church drunk and high. Bree also hints that she worked at a strip club as a dancer.

Watch the clip above. Grown & Gospel airs every Thursday.