'Great American Baking Show' Winner Responds to Sudden Cancellation

Vallery Lomas' victory on the Great American Baking Show will remain unseen.

The ABC version of the classic BBC baking competition was abruptly cancelled earlier this month when judge Anthony Iuzzini was accused of groping and making sexually explicit comments to his female coworkers while working at a New York City restaurant from 2009 to 2011.

The Baton Rouge native opened up about learning that her season of the show would never air to local TV station WAFB.

"I got a phone call from one of the producers that was with us in England. She said, 'Well the network has decided to pull the show,' and I was shocked," Lomas said.

The 32-year-old attorney said she was first angry, then disappointed that fans wouldn't get to see her win the prestigious baking competition, especially after devoting six months of her life to filming and promoting the show.

Lomas was reportedly a judge favorite, wowing the judges on numerous challenges before emerging triumphant from the tent.

"I was so looking forward to everyone seeing how the show unfolded, because it was really going to be an interesting, great show," Lomas said.

She's taking everything in stride, however, using her ABC connections and running the popular blog, Foodie in New York.


"Just reading those comments, it really encourages me and reminds me that I still have a lot of baking to do," Lomas said.

Photo credit: Instagram / @foodinnewyork